The Sad State of the Heavyweight Division

      Cain Velasquez: King of a great nation, or a dwarf amongst midgets? On October 19, 2013, Cain Velasquez defended his belt for the second time since winning it from Junior Dos Santos in 2012. For the second time in a row, he completely dominated JDS in a one sided battle. He effectively used the jab to push the pace and get JDS up against the cage. He then grinded out 4 tough rounds before finally finishing him in the 5th. Did this show Cain’s dominance or simply Juniors lack of a gameplan? After getting battered and abused for 25 minutes less than a year earlier, you would think Junior would have a better gameplan than simply backup. I couldn’t help but scream “left and right” and “circle” throughout the whole fight. But it’s two different things having a gameplan and executing it. It’s even harder when you have a 240 pound Mexican machine constantly coming at you. Cain Velasquez finished the trilogy and proved he is the heavyweight champion for a reason.image

      Before you read the second part of this article, please go into your bathroom, and fill up your bathtub. Once it’s filled up, take about three minutes and just feel the water. Notice the temperature, but more importantly notice the depth. That’s right, IT’S SHALLOW. The heavyweight division is your cold, shallow, bathtub while we have divisions like welterweight that are the god damn Mariana Trench. You can win six fights in a row, and it still doesn’t earn you a title shot. Two or three in the heavyweight division? start the promo. We are at a sad state where wins over Roy Nelson, Mike Russow and an extremely past his prime Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira wins you a title shot. Say Cain beats Werdum, what’s up after that? Travis Browne after only two wins? Get Real. I’m not interested in another JDS fight unless he switches camps or Cain leaves training all together.  We all know Overeem was supposed to be the answer before he decided to dope up. It’s too damn bad he couldn’t find any steroids for his chin because he blew two straight what should have been winnable fights.  He should have stuck to the horse meat and keeping his hands up. The only other person I can think of contending is Daniel Cormier. But he’s Cains training partner and going to light heavyweight; where I think he’s going to be outmatched, but don’t get me started on that.

       Cain Velasquez looks like he found a nice little home as champion, and he’s not getting evicted anytime soon. Personally, I’m not looking forward to caked up promos making the fights seem closer than they actually are, but I am never one to complain about fights. Too be honest, I’m probably going to watch them all anyway. I just don’t know how I feel about the hot potato that’s going to be played for title shots the next couple years. Can I do anything about it? Eh… Can I write bullshit articles out of my basement? Yes… why yes I can.

Scott Bailey 2013